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Don't let Gmail hide your invitation

Do you receive Diner en Blanc emails to a Gmail account? Many times Gmail will hide messages we send to you including your invitaiton code for this year's event.

Help ensure all our messages arrive in your inbox. Here are steps to follow to ensure that always happens.

Step 1: Find an old email from . When you find any prior message simply open the message.

Step 2: With the message displayed, on the far right side of the message, click on the three stacked dots, shown below.


Step 3: After clicking on the three dots a small menu window will open, as shown below. Click on the "Add Diner En Blanc to Contacts list" option.


Step 4: After clicking on that option, in the bottom left corner of Gmail you should see the below confirmation message.

These simple steps should ensure that you always receive our messages.

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1 comment

Monique A.
Absent Member
2 year ago
Very helpful, thanks Mark :-)
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