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Phase 1 is open!

Tip 1: Do not login before registering for the 2019 event.
Be sure to logout of the member portal before beginning the registration process. If you attended in 2018 and you are logged into the member portal before attempting to complete the registration for 2019 you will experience problems. Yes this is somewhat counterintuitive but membership to the portal is year-specific. Being logged in before registering tells the system you want information about the old year. Once you complete registering for 2019 you’ll be able to login and see your updated information.

Tip 2: Complete your registration quickly.
You have 15 minutes to complete your registration. Registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email from our system. If you wish to sponsor a friend to attend we recommend waiting until after your signup is complete at which time you can navigate to the My Friends > My Friends link.

Tip 3: Ensure your friends select the same table group leader.
If you want to share the night with friends ensure everyone picks the same departure point and table leader. Some departure points are very popular and will sell out quickly. Once they’re sold out we cannot move you or your friend into that sold-out group.

Tip 4: Receiving an invitation does not guarantee attendance.
An invitation code is an opportunity to attend this year’s event. A limited number of seats are available for each phase. Seats are first come, first served and each phase likely will sell out. Be sure to register as quickly to the open date as possible.

Tip 5: iPads don't work for registering.
Please use an regular computer or smartphone to register. You will be unable to select a departure point if you attempt to complete the registration process while using an iPad.

If you did not receive an invitation and would like to receive one please register your email address by clicking here, enter your email address then click the Validate button.

We look forward to sharing with you a warm Saturday night under the summer stars in a stunning San Diego setting.


- Diner en Blanc, San Diego host team

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